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The company organic products of Armaghan Green began its research in 2016. In November 2017, he began his activity with a committed, young and motivated bachelor’s degree in the field of buying, selling, packaging, marketing and distribution of agricultural products and healthy and organic food. The company is one of the suppliers of agricultural products and food for applicants in Iran. According to the 5-year development plan of the country and the national slogan of the year of resistance economy, production and employment, the company has been supplying traditional and organic products based on the demands of its customers throughout Iran. In the field of production, distribution and packaging of products a healthy and organic agriculture with contribute to this. Based on the knowledge and skills of the specialists and the unique conditions of the four countries of our beloved country, the company intends to put international competition in line with its products and products on the world markets.
Honesty is one of the most prominent features of this company, which is committed to pursuing these goals by making a commitment to the market in a committed and loyal manner.