Chances are, you’ve never really given a lot of thought as to why you and many other people find peanuts and chocolate an irresistible combination. However, there’s quite an interesting reason for it. According to Gregory Ziegler, a Penn State University professor, our affinity for this combination of flavors is due to a phenomenon called “dynamic sensory contrast.” Peanut butter cups coated with chocolate are a great example of sensory contrast.

Why peanuts and chocolate?

Tantalizing the Tastebuds

The tastebuds find contrasting textures appealing. Soft, creamy smooth chocolate and firm, crunchy peanuts are contrasting textures that have us reaching for more of this satisfying combination. When you take the first bite of chocolate peanut butter cups you’ll notice they have a slightly hard, crunchy texture. Then the warmth inside your mouth causes the chocolate and peanut to become smooth and creamy providing a different sensation for your tastebuds.

Complimentary Aromas

Chocolate covered peanuts are a popular snack. They provide the contrasting texture that your tastebuds find so desirable, but that’s not all they do. The aroma of chocolate covered peanuts is alluring. Their individual aromas complement each other and entice you to indulge in this simplistic, yet irresistible treat.

Diverse Flavors

Dark chocolate covered peanuts transports your tastebuds to a different level with their unique flavor. The intense flavor of smooth dark chocolate combined with the earthy, salty crunchiness of the peanuts elevates the decadence of this treat. Dark chocolate covered peanuts are an indulgent treat.

While peanut butter is a tasty treat, your tastebuds can be treated to a more exciting experience with chocolate peanut butter. You can easily find this flavorful treat on store shelves or online. It’s also very easy to prepare at home using as few as three ingredients.

Beneficial Goodness

Now that you know why peanuts and chocolate go together so well, you might be looking for good reasons to enjoy them more often. In addition to being a delightful textural and flavor experience for your taste buds and providing you with a pleasing aromatic experience, peanuts, and chocolate can be beneficial to your health. Peanuts can help boost memory, support heart health, and help prevent depression. Chocolate contains antioxidants and can improve mood and cognitive function.

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